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About myLawyer MarketPlace

The myLawyer MarketPlace allows your winery to create a new Direct-To-Consumer marketing channel on the myLawyer platform. The MarketPlace is designed exclusively for wineries. Your winery can create its own e-shop quickly and connect immediately to thousands of lawyers and clients in the U.S.

How it works


The myLawyer MarketPlace instantly connects your winery to our network. As of May, 2021 the marketplace has 12,000 lawyers and clients. By the end of the year this number will increase by 9 times to 114,000 lawyers and clients.


Creating your winery’s e-shop in the myLawyer MarketPlace is easy and requires very little time and effort. You will be able to set up the full range of your products within an hour. All your products will then be available for purchase by our network.


Our network of lawyers and clients will be able to study your products and visit your website to complete the purchase. You will remain in charge of all sales. We only take a commission of 10% on each sale. There are no other costs or extra charges.


Key Features

Join the myLawyer MarketPlace today and take advantage of this exciting new marketing channel for your wines.

Online Shop in the mobile and web apps of myLawyer
Listing of your products and special offers
Fast and easy creation and update of your shop
No commitment
Thousands of lawyers and clients viewing your shop daily
Commission based only
No other costs or extra charges
Simple and effective


Need Help?

We are here to support you in your registration and creation of your shop. If you would like support, please contact us by using the form below or by emailing us at [email protected]