How It Works

The myLawyer MarketPlace provides wineries with an easy, free, and straightforward process for creating a unique e-shop in the myLawyer platform.

Wineries create their shop by providing:

  • Their logo

  • An image

  • A description of their winery

  • A URL for their website and e-commerce site.

Wineries are able to create a list of up to 20 products for their shop. For each product they provide:

  • Title

  • Image of the product

  • Description

  • Price

  • URL of the product in their e-commerce site.

The visitors to the shop browse through the winery’s products. To purchase they click on the link provided and are transferred to the winery e-commerce site. We track the visitors by providing wineries with a special link that will allow you to filter the sales in your analytics.