Notes from Napa - Introduction
Jun 30 2021

Notes from Napa

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myLawyer’s goal is to create a global network of lawyers. To accomplish this goal requires an attractive, effective and robust platform. Such a platform is expensive to build. To date a very small group of investors have funded the build. To reach the next level requires revenue. We have decided the best way to create that revenue is via the myLawyer MarketPlace. The question is what to sell?

I live in Napa Valley. One day I realised that the answer was staring me in the face: wine. Since Linda and I moved from London to Napa in 2012 we have learned a great deal about wineries and wine makers. The most interesting wine is often made in boutique wineries. These wineries find it difficult and expensive to advertise their wines.

The myLawyer MarketPlace is designed to aid these boutiques. There is no charge to join and no rent to pay. The commission we charge is less than what these boutiques pay to secure purchasers for their wines. In addition, our commission is paid in the month following the payment of the purchase price by the purchaser.

The price paid by you, the purchaser, is not increased to reflect our commission. In fact, several of the wineries that have opened shops in the marketplace have created special benefits for you.

Please check out the shops in the marketplace. Their wines are excellent and often not easy to find.