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By joining the myLawyer marketplace you will have immediate access to our unique audience.

  • Data from the latest SVB State of the Wine Industry Report show that online wine sales have increased by a factor of 5: from 2% in 2019 to 10% of total sales in 2020 and are expected to rise even more in 2021.

By registering in the myLawyer MarketPlace you should be able to boost your direct to consumer sales almost immediately and without any upfront investment.

  • Online purchases in dollars have increased by 198% in 2020 and it is expected that the purchased online will be repeated clients from this point onwards

By joining as a winery in the myLawyer MarketPlace you are able to establish a strong presence in a high net worth audience that will boost your online and repeated sales.

  • SVB claims that more than 50% of the wine buyers were Gen Z and millennials.

The myLawyer app is predominately used by the same demographic. By establishing a presence in the myLawyer MarketPlace you achieve targeted marketing of your wine without any investment of your capital.

  • Commission only

myLawyer MarketPlace charges you a commission only on confirmed sales.